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The Importance of Good Podiatry Care

At Foot Steps, we strive to offer the highest quality care, and that includes always staying up on the latest medical advances. 

In the world of podiatry, there is a wide variety of conditions our patients can suffer from. We pride ourselves on not only offering an extensive variety of care and procedures, but doing so in the most effective ways.

Learn more about the disorders below and the services and treatments that we offer for each of them and that includes always staying up to date on the latest podiatric advances.

We can aid in the treatment of chronic illness (diabetes, arthritis), paediatric, aged care, sports medicine, orthotics for foot correction and general foot care (corns, callouses, ingrown toenails etc). 

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We offer specialist care to patients with the following foot conditions:
Our treatments include:
Abnormalities can be corrected through prescription foot orthoses (shoe inserts) or specific exercises to strengthen & stretch certain muscles or groups of muscles.
Podiatrist Belinda using a doppler on a foot
Chronic illnesses such as diabetes affect the feet and lower limbs.
Foot Steps Podiatry is able to provide a therapeutic treatment to aid in helping promote hydartion, promote blood flow, & reducing muscle & joint pain. It leave the skin on your feet feeling incredibly soft & supple.
Foot Steps Podiatry has aimed to find the best ways to improve your lower limb function & health. FMT is a specialised technique that use mobilisation & manipulation to help get you back to our active self.
Clearanail Pro machine sitting in a podiatrist office
Foot Steps Podiatry is able to offer their patients more treatment options for fungal nails. Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP) is the safe and simple to use system that produces micro holes through the nail with virtually no pain or risk to the patient.
Podiatrist Belinda using a doppler on a foot
Doppler Ultrasound is a non-invasive test that can be used to examine the blood flow by bouncing high frequency acoustic waves (ultrasounds) off red blood cells.
Foot Steps Podiatry are proud to be able to offer you one of the latest technologies for the treatment of ugly toenails. PACT nail fungus treatment is an easy, cost effective solution for your unsightly nails.
Photos of a big toe before and after Keryflex Treatment
Keryflex is a professional nail restoration system now offered at Foot Steps Podiatry.
Podiatric Dry Needling & Acupuncture is a natural therapeutic method used by podiatrists to treat illnesses of the lower limb to offer pain relief.