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The Importance of Good Foot Care

At Foot Steps, we strive to offer the highest quality care, and that includes always staying up on the latest medical advances. In the world of podiatry, there is a wide variety of conditions our patients can suffer from. We pride ourselves on not only offering an extensive variety of care and procedures, but doing so in the most effective ways. Learn more about the disorders below and the services and treatments that we offer for each of them and that includes always staying up to date on the latest podiatric advances.


View the categories below for detailed information on common foot related problems.


Have you been told to see a podiatrist for your diabetes & thought why? Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis and neuropathy affect the feet and lower limbs. For diabetes this can result in approximately 3000 amputations a year. Prevention can be provided by a multi-disciplinary team approach of podiatrists, endocrinologists, diabetes educations, nurses, GPs and dieticians. Podiatrists, such as Foot Steps Griffith, play an important role in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of people with diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Regular foot checks are essential to test foot mobility, sensitivity and injury plus provide foot care education and treatment of ulcers, infections and related problems.  Depending on your risk level a diabetes assessment every 6 or 12 months is crucial.  Call us for a diabetes assessment today on 69621388.


Correct foot development is essential for children. Having a foot check by a podiatrist early on can help spot problems and provide solutions fast. Growing pains aren’t normal for a child.


It's very important to consult a podiatrist if your child has;


  • Uneven shoe wear
  • Skin rashes, hard skin, lumps or bumps on the feet
  • Complains of recurrent pain in feet and legs
  • Trips and falls often
  • Has a limping gait or problems walking or running around


Foot Steps can regularly measure your child's feet to ensure their current shoes are fitting properly. This will help prevent foot problems when older, particularly if there is a family history of foot discomfort. We also have supportive footwear & school shoes in the clinic to help prevent further problems later in life.


At Foot Steps we can provide a key role in the management of foot problems for elderly clients.  Pain can very significantly impact your lifestyle and general overall health, so our specialised treatment is important.  Advice in regards to footwear & foot health can aim to prevent foot pain & reduce your risk of falls.


General foot care is important as reaching the feet and self-maintenance become harder with age.


If you are a senior and you are suffering from foot pain or have trouble walking we recommend that you contact Foot Steps Podiatry for an appointment as soon as possible.



Foot Steps Podiatry can also provide expert care for patients prone to sports injuries such as achilles tendonitis, stress fractures, nail problems, knee pain, shin splints, sprains, plantarfasciitis and general foot pain.


It’s also very important to have your sports shoes fitted properly if you play sport.  We are also able to recommend the best shoes and footwear to suit your foot type & shape.


We also have podiatrists in the clinic who are members of Sports Medicine Australia & the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.



Podiatrists such as Foot Steps can assess the biomechanics of the feet and lower limbs so they can provide an anatomical assessment of patients to detect abnormalities such as flat feet, high or fallen arches, in-toeing, and ankle, knee and hip abnormalities.


Abnormalities can be corrected through prescription foot orthoses (shoe inserts) or specific exercises to strengthen & stretch certain muscles or groups of muscles. Orthoses should be custom made and fitted for patients with serious abnormalities.  It is important that podiatric assessment is made early to prevent further pain arising.


Our team at Foot Steps all have the knowledge of biomechanics & know every person is different & our orthoses are made for optimal comfort.  We aim to improve posture, pressure distribution & biomechanical function of your feet by altering the position of the joints & this enhances the placement of the lower limbs & muscle.  This in turn decreases stresses of the foot & lower limb.


If you would like your feet assessed or believe you would benefit from orthotics, call us today for an appointment to put your best Foot forward on 69621388.



Foot Steps is qualified to provide non-invasive nail surgery for ingrown toe nails and similar problems in our clinic. Surgery for other problems such as bunions must be referred to a podiatric or orthopaedic surgeon following assessment by a our staff. Sometimes bunions in their early stages of deformity  can be treated and managed without surgery by changing footwear

and padding.


Do you suffer from pain from your bunions &/or have trouble fitting into footwear because of the deformity & shape of your big tor joint.  Bunions have a large amount or predisposition  factors including inherited, foot type, the way we walk, bone length and many more.

The team at Foot Steps are able to assess your feet & give you conservative treatment including padding, footwear & orthoses to help relieve your discomfort.


If you would like help in regards to your bunions and would like to see the footwear options we have available call 69621388 for an appointment.



Have you been suffering from pain in your ankles? Does it stop you from doing what you enjoy, for example sport or walking the dog?  We are able to assess the ankle joint for a wide range of conditions & refer for radiographic examinations if necessary.  Don’t put up with ankle pain any longer as early intervention can help prevent the pain from getting worse, call us on 69621388 for an appointment.


Are you not able to put your best Foot Step forward due to foot pain? Foot Steps expert team of podiatrists can assess your problems & offer you the best treatment outcome.  Whether it be pain in the morning when you get out of bed or pain with walking or running, an appointment with Foot Steps will give you the answer.  A biomechanical assessment by one of our podiatrists to assess your mechanics of the way you are walking is something we pride ourselves on.  We are also able to assess your current footwear to see if this is a contributing factor & we have the expertise in prescribing orthoses & have podiatry approved footwear on site.


If you want to put your best foot forward & prevent or treat foot, ankle, knee, hip or back pain or if any of the above sounds like you, call Foot Steps for an appointment on 69621388.



Are you suffering from hip, knee or back pain?  Have you been told you have arthritis in these joints or are you on your way to surgery because of wear & tear.


Our podiatrists are able to expertly assess the way you are walking, your foot posture & your signs & symptoms to treat them to reduce any rotation disorders, decreased shock absorption or increased stress & strain on these joints, which will help get you back to the everyday activities without discomfort to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Combining such treatments as orthoses, exercises & supportive footwear will get you a Foot Step in the right direction.  If the above sounds like you, call 69621388 for an appointment.



Sports shoes manufacturers put a lot of research into footwear, the end result is very technical shoes that do very specific jobs.  As a consumer this can be very confusing and over whelming.  To add to this , a lot of shoe stores don’t offer the correct fitting techniques to make sure they are correct for your foot type.


There are three main foot types:


High arch (these feet tend to roll out or supinate)


Normal arch (termed as neutral)


Low arch (these feet tend to roll in or pronate)


There are specific shoes to match all of these foot types.  Poorly fitting or incorrect footwear can lead to tired, painful and achy feet, corns, calluses & possibly lead to injury.


Foot Steps can help you pick the right footwear for you, and we also stock a selection of specialised footwear for sale in the clinic.  We have tried to eliminate the guessing game and having to go to multiple shoe stores to look for that perfect shoe for yourself & your family.


We offer podiatry approved footwear including brands: FRANKiE4, Gadean, Dr Comfort, Vionic, Revere, Anodyne & Orthaheel.  We also have a childrens range which includes school shoes as well as the brands: Skeanie, Garvalin, Biomecanics & Agatha Ruiz De La Prada.



Pain into the toes or at the balls of your feet can be quite debilitating & may stop you from completing daily activities.  Numbness, clicking and pain when barefoot are all symptoms that can be treated by the correct podiatric intervention.  If needed possible examinations (ultrasounds or x-rays) can be referred for to complement our biomechanical assessment.


Have you noticed crooked or bent toes? Have you been told you have a “hammer toe”?  These toes can lead to arthritis, calluses or corns on the tips of the toes or pain on the ball of the foot as the joint is more prominent.  Accurate assessment, alignment, treatment & footwear are the keys to reducing the discomfort associated with this deformity.  Orthotics plus our great range of footwear are great treatment options for hammer toes.  If you find fitting into footwear difficult or if you suffer from bent toes, contact us today for an appointment on 69621388.



Are your feet or in between your toes itchy, red or scaly? Have you noticed something on your feet that you hadn't noticed before? Do you have smelly feet or warts?  All of these conditions can be assessed and treated by Foot Steps Podiatry. The team at Foot Steps can assess your symptoms and find simple solutions to your presenting problems.

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